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150 Things to do Before you Graduate

Sharing my lunch with twenty-nine cats 

Lamiska HT


Working out capacities and removing restrictions at registration, that's when I said that I finally had the AUB experience

Ghina Alfout


Amazing friends

Michele Elsayah


Meeting wonderful friends 

Leyla Rizkallah


Having countless intellectual debates in the Zoo or Main Gate whenever you meet someone new.

Farah Kasih


My best friends 

Samar Tralala


Elections, AUB Outdoors, varsity, getting good grades and bad ones, those late nights in Jafet and those exams on a Saturday morning. But most of all: never wanting to leave campus even when it's the weekend.

Bachar al Hady


Living and falling asleep in the library while everyone around acts normally about it

Bana Abu Judeh



Jolie Fallouh


Miss my friends

Rama Mosleh