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150 Things to do Before you Graduate

Enjoying all the opportunities

Amir Richani


All the fond memories we spent on a bench facing Ada Dodge Hall

Nancy Kiwan


Outdoors, Outlook, late studying nights, begging for class registration 'capacities,' work-study, research, protests ...

Samer Bou Karroum


Meeting my other half the first day of AUB, at orientation eight years ago.  It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me! Our wedding is in a few months and if there is one thing to be eternally thankful for, it is definitely AUB.

Marie Nakhoul


A difficult exam in Nicely 500.

Daniel Bou Diab


Enjoying the stunning blue water of the Mediterranean Sea as I did my research in the laboratories of the biology building overlooking the sea. Enjoyed memorable years first as a student, then as assistant lab instructor, and then as research assistant.

Maro Altibarmakian



Omar Zmerli


AUB Outdoors

Riad Al-Soufi


Living on campus, AUB Outdoors, and simply living in the bubble of stress and fun at the same time!

Farah Ismail


Inaugration of College Hall after it was redone.

Tala Al Kurd