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Our 150th anniversary slogan is We Make History; we honor AUB History Makers through the ages

We Make History

Throughout 2016 we will share the stories of leaders, innovators, and activist dedicated to improving the world around them. We will focus on the ways in which alumni, students, faculty, and staff have made, and continue to make, historic contributions to the arts and sciences, social and public welfare, business, engineering, and medicine.

150th Executive Committee

To ensure that AUB’s 150th anniversary is celebrated in a fashion befitting the University’s mission and responsive to the University’s many constituent groups.

President Fadlo R. Khuri
Interim Associate Provost Nadia El Cheikh
Deputy Vice President for Medical Affairs and Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs (Faculty of Medicine) Ziyad Ghazzal
Board of Deans representative Nahla Hwalla
Senate representative Elie Shammas
WAAAUB President Wafa Saab
Alumni representative Mishka Mourani
Student representative Maribelle Komives
Dean of Student Affairs Talal Nizameddin
Trustee Emeritus/BOT Chair Emeritus Thomas Q. Morris
Trustee Emerita Myrna Bustani
Associate Vice President for Development Imad Baalbaki
Associate Vice President for Advancement Services Soha Hmaidan - CHAIR
Assistant Secretary of the University and Director of the Debs Center Ada H. Porter
Coordinator of Special Events (Office of University Advancement) Jennifer Muller
Associate Vice President for Communications Martin Asser
Secretary (Executive Officer, Office of University Advancement) Cristel Baasiri

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How We Make History
Through knowledge creation and thoughtful and informed debate, AUB effects significant and meaningful change. Its graduates hold positions of leadership and authority across the globe.
AUB has a long list of “firsts” in a wide range of disciplines and has been at the forefront of transformative movements and ideas.
AUB has had and continues to have significant impact in the region—from the contributions of its graduates, to outreach initiatives in the community, to groundbreaking research, and the exceptional medical care it provides.
“We" includes the institution of AUB, but is broader than the University alone. “We" includes our community of faculty, staff, and students as well as our wide circle of friends and our almost 60,000 living alumni spanning the globe. “We” also encompasses the various publics served by AUB and the many individuals and institutions that partner with AUB and have helped us become what we are today.
Together, we have made history, are making history today, and will continue to make history far into the future.
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