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150 Things to do Before you Graduate

Late-night studying on campus, stressful dues, and the cross-cultural student body!

Ghinwa El Hayek


Getting the distinguished award from FEA

Caren Serhal


Wow... My heart ached, I don't know...

Rania Kataf


Running in the Green Field, having lunch at the Green Oval, sitting in the stairs at West Hall...

Samer Jawhari


Being part of AUB Choir

Ziad Nehme


I stayed ten years!

Raed Daou


Being a part of Outlook

Dana Abed


It is when I joined as an undergraduate student and then as a research assistant and then as a graduate student and then as a teaching assistant and then never leaving here so far . . .

Khalil Kreidieh


Walking into AUB through medical gate in the early morning and glancing up to find the clock tower surrounded by clear skies, fluffy clouds, and green trees. Glorious AUB mornings indeed.

Ola Kdouh


Outdoor, commencement, elections day. I work at AUB and I like how we live like a family: students, faculty and staff

Ali Tarhini