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150 Favorite Places on Campus
Favorite Places on Campus

Banyan Tree

Fatima Sbeiti

Favorite Places on Campus

Assembly Hall

Johny Rmeily

Favorite Places on Campus

Around West Hall - Different Clubs

Bushra Jabre


The couches next to the E-classroom in Jafet. It’s a chill area to watch TV episodes.

Rayan Osserian – Economics sophomore


Hostler Center because I’m into sports and I’m on the AUB basketball team. I also enjoy meeting up with my buddies at the gym.

Mustafa Harb – Civil Engineering 3rd year


The omega in front of Main Gate. Your voice echoes when you stand at the center, and every new AUBite has to try it!

Rawan Hakawati – Chemical Engineering 4th year


Cafeteria. Because it’s where I can relax and cool off in the AC.

Noor Hajj – Architecture 2nd year


Green Oval. Because it’s the only open place with real green grass.

Mark el Khoury – Freshman


Assembly Hall. Sometimes you can be randomly walking around campus and stumble upon a great performance.

Johny Rmeily – Mechanical Engineering 2nd year


The Jungle (FAFS smoking area). It’s where I hang out with my physics major friends.

Hani Shamseddeen – Physics Senior