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150 Fun Facts

In 2014, 20,000 people attended the AUB Outdoors Festival in a single weekend.


19 members of the AUB community were active in the formation of the United Nations. Lebanon had more representation than any other nation. 


In 1921 AUB became one of first universities to become co-ed. 


Howard Bliss, the second president of AUB, was a representative at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference.


Appointed in 1876, Joshua B. Crane was the first AUB Staffite. Staffites were recent college graduates appointed as assistants or tutors on a three year contract.  Crane was a recent graduate of Brown University. 


In 1914 former Egyptian and Sudanese students of Rev. Daniel Bliss donate the life-size marble statue of him that now stands outside College Hall.


In 1864 telegraph lines are completed between Beirut, Constantinople, Damascus, Bagdad, Jerusalem, and Egypt. This put Syria into telegraphic communication with London and Paris.


AUB is incorporated as the Syrian Protestant College by the State of New York in 1863.


The President's Club is founded in 1979 to foster a direct relationship between the AUB president and those persons with a special interest in supporting the university.


Despite civil war hardships, AUB receives the Distinguished Education Award in 1983 from the US Council for Advancement and Support of Education.