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150 Things we Love About AUB

Its community lets you grow into a better human being.

Ghassan Khalife, ECE, FEA 2015


People and campus

Rula Atwani, 2015


Great social life and relations between faculty and staff. The campus is the most beautiful I have seen and I have seen several university campuses.

William Diab, FAS 2015 - from Arabic


What I love most at AUB is the wonderful new people I met every day. I engaged in sports. I learned a lot from everyone!

Farah Hashem, FAS 2015


I love that we encounter various things at AUB: studies, activities, clubs, sports.  The life of students can be enriched by many things here. Many nationalities. 

Nour Hijazi, FAS 2015


I love that AUB has people from cross-cultural areas from all around the world and has very high academic standards. The availability of its resources. I love everything about AUB.

Khouloud Chehabeddine, FAFS 2015


I love the diversity of cultures.

Ingrid Chehlaoui, OSB 2015


I made the best friends since first semester! Amazing!

Rayya Khayyat, 2015


The most amazing thing is the mood at AUB; we really had fun and it was a great experience. 

Samaya Kahil, 2015


What I loved most is meeting people and getting to know your true friends.

Hala Kayrouz, 2015