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Family Kayyali
Since 1951 |
Salameh Toufiq Kayyali class of 1951 Sawsan Salameh Kayyali class of 1976 Rania Maher Kayyali BBA class of 2001
Family Rubeiz
Since 1932 |
George Hanna Rubeiz (former student) John Rubeiz (class of '72 & '76) Sylvia Elias Rubeiz (class of ‘75 & ‘80)…
Ghantous - Kawar
Family Ghantous - Kawar
Since 1916 |
“My grandfather Dr. Anis GHANTOUS graduated in June 1916 as a medical doctor. My father, Raef KAWAR graduated in the…
Family Kurani
Since 1930 |
The Kurani family’s connection with AUB/SPC is older than the institution itself. Paterfamilias Amin Kurani was said to have been…