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Madi Imam
Family Madi Imam
Since 1941 |
Rustom Madi 1941 BA History
Family Kronfol
Since 1923 |
Mohiedine Amin Kronfol Bachelor of Commerce 1923 Nabil Mohieddine Kronfol BSc 1965; MD 1969 Lina Abder Qader Midani Kronfol Former…
Ekmekjian and Arsenian
Family Ekmekjian and Arsenian
Since 1900 |
George Ekmekjian (MD 1900) Dikran Ekmekjian (BA 1901) Jirair Arsenian (MD 1947) Arda Arsenian_Ekmekji (BA 1971 – History , MA…
Nassour and Ghaleb
Family Nassour and Ghaleb
Since 1942 |
Dr. Herbert Robert Nassour, Jr (MD 1942): Father Dr. Mary Lily Nassour Ghaleb (BA 1981): Daughter Dr. Aline Raymond Ghaleb…