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150 Favorite Places on Campus

Benches between the cashier's office and the presidential lodge. With a coffee from Abou Najji and the Daily Star. Heaven!

Amer Chami


Smoking area near Bechtel Engineering Building

Youssef Najdy


Every single tree, brick, building, employee, flower. Everything that reminds me of the most memorable experience of my life.

Fatima Kamali


OSB cafeteria

Lamia Zock


The Green Oval where you can lay down and read peacefully while watching the students get out of their classes :)

Angela Leon Melkonian


West Hall steps

Chadi Riman


At the benches overlooking the Green Field, Sea Gate, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Shadi Bakhour


Pretty much everywhere on AUB campus is a memory

Khouloud Frayha


The Green Oval as it is an open space yet it is also a gathering spot. Favorite!

Carole el Zein


Bench just behind the library. That is where I met my lovely future wife :D

Houssam Chahine