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150 Favorite Places on Campus

Enjoying nature, rest, and tranquility, away from city noise and listening to what suits quiet time and mood.

Munir Altahan


Favorite spot at graduation ceremonies! How I miss AUB.

Serpouhi Toriguian Vartivarian


Top of Hostler Student Center!!

Anastasia Matar


I guess my friend Abir Chalet and my favorite spot has been Main Gate. 

Loulwa El Naamani


The bench facing the sea and Green Field. Fantastic!

Hassan Naaman


The bench facing the sea.

Samira Hamadeh Kerbage


The bench facing the sea and lower campus for its amazing relaxing view. West Hall for hosting almost all the memories of my "social life" at AUB.

Noura Soubra


West Hall of course!!

Mouin Hosn


Green Field: Closest to class, food shops such as former Le sage, and Faysal...

Ramzi Jabara


It used to be the benches between cafeteria and the library, overlooking the Green Field. Memories...

Rafik Kassar