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150 Favorite Places on Campus

Actually everywhere is a favorite...I miss every spot in AUB

Esmat El-Masri


Running towards open class capacities at registration

Jean-Claude Sivry


Hostler Roof, Irany Oxy Faculty Lounge, bench facing Jafet.

Samer Bou Karroum


Benches overlooking the sea

Raghad Abou Moghli


The doorstep of Assembly Hall on a rainy day 

Mohammad Saab


The benches facing the sea and overlooking the lower campus

Nisrine Kadduhah


The green bench next to the smoking area near FHS where former AUB students met there and later on married each other

Ghinwa El Hayek


Bench by archeology department and another by Medical Gate where I found and met my husband

Hawraa Husseinie


Assembly Hall... From there you see the College Hall and the Main Gate and you can also see AUB breathing through that gate!

Fayez Sarkis


The road near the president's house because of the nice view of the sea and the Green Field from that place.

Sahar Naim