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150 Things to do Before you Graduate

Nervous tremors because of caffeine overdose; thank you finals

Zahraa Karnib


An almost cardiac arrest on the chemistry stairs!



Mafia and the Zoo

Carine Sakr


We should have designed specifically la AUB!!

Sara Shehab


OSB all-nighter, hahah

Gheed Sleiman


Nescafe on the Main Gate stairs! Late night gatherings at the New Women's Dorm. Amer Bsat Angela Sawan

Hiba Dandachli Al Hariri


Lying down on the Green Oval and watching good looking guys walk by. Now it's your turn Dareen Hadid.

Rima Hanna Tannous


Finding out that AUB is the only place where you have to pay tuition while you are on vacation abroad #AnotherMedSchoolProblem

Nader Makarem


Abu Naji coffee at the Main Gate

Bissan Mohammad Khadra


Night life at the dorm

Nada Adjadj SoBelle