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150 Things to do Before you Graduate

AUB outdoors

Riad Soufi



Abed Dbaibo


Morning coffee at Main Gate

Mireille Tayeh


Lying at the Green Oval, studying overnights at Nicely! Having coffee at the stairs of West Hall or the Main Gate.

Saeed Serbeh


Eating on Main Gate stairs

Ahmad Rifai


Harassing AUB cats

Samer Hijazi


Chatting with friends on West Hall terrace and stairs, the soft ball training, the AUB Beach sun tanning and running the Green Field in the morning just before the first class! The freedom of living while war was raging outside its doors.

Yamama Tamim


Developing strong skills in problem solving

Monica Bazi


When I actively participated in all it had to offer, I lived the AUB experience.

Joy London


When at work or when volunteering on an activity, I am able to bring new ways, new ideas, challenge ideas and even promote the under-dog proposed ideas and succeed in engaging and having the buy-in. This is how I re-live the AUB experience.

Nada Tamim