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150 Things to do Before you Graduate

When you get attached to every memory you made on campus

Aya M. Damaj


The turkey sandwich and cookie at the kiosk that does not exist anymore. I really miss AUB! Makes my heart beat! Main Gate reunion when we are all in Lebanon!

Reem Krayem


There's no reason to hate AUB, only love

Daniel Tufaily


Unexpectedly finding myself an Archaeology major when I had wanted to register for a humanity course but was only able to registered for three Archeology courses instead, without knowing what they are.

Abdallah Sultan


Loving and hating AUB so much at the same time. It's the finals period that I hate.

Saed Khatib



Raya Sinokrot


Running from upper to lower campus to get to class on time 

Celine Ajjour



Ruba Bizri


True' and 'Abu Naji'! ❤️❤️❤️

Jana Tabet


The dorms. The beautiful greenery. The long-lasting friendships. 

Lamis Karaoui